Dr. Rachel graduated from the University of MN College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002 and started her career at the Tri-County Vet Clinics in Taunton and Dawson. Following her heart and seeing a fantastic opportunity unfolding, she purchased Appleton Veterinary Clinic from Doc. Nissen in September 2005, and things haven’t stopped growing since. Shortly after the purchase, it was determined that the small, quaint downtown Appleton Clinic would not be large enough, and a new clinic was completed in 2010. In 2012, the opportunity to purchase Dawson Veterinary Clinic and team up with her former boss, Dr. Hayden, presented itself—and Dr. Rachel jumped at the chance.
Dr. Rachel lives in Appleton with her amazing daughters, Carolynn and Hannah. When she is not working (which, as the owner, is technically never), she enjoys singing and dancing, spending time with her children and friends, camping, golfing, billiards, hunting, and just about anything active. Dr. Rachel spends time at both Appleton and Dawson Veterinary Clinics. Her favorite things about being a vet besides working with her incredible staff are communicating with people, small animal surgery, and working with production livestock.